What Are The Advantages Of Planting Bare-root Trees

Top Reasons to Consider Bare-Root Tree Planting

It is suggested gardeners who want to grow strong and healthy trees in their landscape should plant bare-root trees. Bare-root trees can give lots of benefits to gardeners and landscapers. And if you are a newbie gardener, you can’t ignore the value of these kinds of trees. In this article, we are discussing the advantages of bare-root trees such as planting bare-root trees, caring for bare-root trees, root development and adaptability for bare-root trees. You will learn the reasons why should you plant bare-root trees in your garden.

Benefits of Bare-Root Trees: A Comprehensive List

Bare-Root Tree Planting Preparing the Roots for Growth
  • Benefits of Bare-Root Trees: A Comprehensive List Cost savings: To reiterate the most obvious advantage, bare-root trees are much less expensive than container-grown trees. Because bare-root trees are not sold with soil or containers, there is little cost associated with packaging or with the cost of growing them in the pots; because of this, bare-root trees can also be delivered at a much lower cost, which means that the consumer and the grower both pay less.
  •  Lightweight: Bare-root trees are lighter and more compact than balled and burlapped or container-grown trees, making them easier to handle and transport, particularly for those needing to ship by mail or who lack a large vehicle to transport container-grown trees.
  •  Better root system: A bare-root tree will have a better, denser and more branched root system than a container-grown tree when planted in the soil.
  • Reduced risk of transplant shock: Planting bare-root trees avoids transplant shock, which is much more common with container-grown trees whose roots are enveloped by the sides of the container. You should expect a bare-root tree to establish quickly in its new site.
  • Range: Bare-root plants come in dozens of plant species, sizes, types and cultivars. No matter how you are trying to landscape, you’ll find a bare-root tree for your needs. Do you want a fruit tree? How about an ornamental tree? Shade tree? Chances are good that you can find what you need in a bare-root tree.
  • Versatility: Bare-root stock is adaptable to most soils and growing conditions, and will likely survive in most climates and environments. This means that the tree you receive is going to adapt best to your garden.
  • Environment saving: Bare-root trees are environment saving, because they use less packaging and fewer resources in the promoting and delivering process, in contrast with container-grown trees. Therefore, if you would like to lower your ‘carbon footprint’, you should choose bare-root trees
  •  Early Planting Window: Bare-root trees should be planted in the dormant season (late winter/early spring) so they’re ready for planting early in the year. This means you can get garden and landscaping work out of the way earlier, and get the trees established before the growing season kicks in
  •  Less soil disturbance: Bare-root planting involves far less soil disturbance than container-grown planting. The risk of damage to existing roots and soil structure is far less, and your whole garden will be more healthy as a result.
  • Easier to handle: because they’re lightweight and can be tipped out of their containers, bare-root trees are easier to handle than their potted counterparts. Most gardeners appreciate this feature, even if they aren’t the farming type. Whether old or young, able-bodied or not, this makes it easier for everyone to get trees in the ground.

Essential Tips for Successfully Planting Bare-Root Trees

  •  Choose the Right Tree: Make sure to select a bare-root tree species and cultivar that are to your site’s climate zone, soils and growing conditions. Consider stone fruits such as peaches, nectarines, apricots, cherries and plums, which tend to have slow to medium growth and mature to smaller sizes around 15-30ft. But bear in mind that all tender fruit trees require a period of chilling before budding.
  •  Prep the Planting Site: Prep the planting site by removing weeds and debris, and adding organic matter to the soil if needed. Make sure the planting site has good sunlight and drainage.
  •  Dig Around And Check The Roots: Choose a bare-root tree, and look at the roots before planting to check that they are neither excessively long nor damaged, and are healthy looking to ensure optimal growth and survival. If some are damaged or broken, trim them neatly with a clean, sharp pair of pruners.
  • Planted at the Right Depth: To plant bare-root trees, place the tree in the planting hole so the roots are fully spread out, with the graft union (if present) up above the soil line. Backfill the hole with soil, packing it gently around the roots as you go.
  • Give it a Thorough Watering: After planting, water your bare-root tree thoroughly to help the tree settle in and ensure good contact of roots to the soil. Water regularly, especially during dry periods, to help the tree become established in its new surroundings.
  • Mulch the Base: Put eight to 10 inches of organic mulch, such as wood chips or shredded bark, around the base of the tree to help keep moisture in, keep weeds down, and moderate soil temperatures. Leave an 8 to 10-inch space between the trunk and the mulch.
  • Staking and tying: If you’re planting a tall or top-heavy bare-rooted tree, it’s a good idea to support it in the ground with stakes or ties to stop it slipping. Don’t damage the roots or the tree as you install support.
Hands gently placing a bare-root tree into a hole in the ground.

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