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Seduction – 3ft (90cm) Standard Rose (Potted)

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Seduction ‘s flowers are white, near white or white blend in colour with an attractive pink edge and each comprise 9 to 16 wavy petals forming a delicate and romantic-looking rose. Each stem carries clusters up to 7 blooms in an eye-catching display against vibrant, rich green foliage. It is quick to repeat flowering and its summer and autumn performances are consistently as strong as its spring flush.

The bush is generally well shaped and displays excellent disease and heat resistance. The plant also makes an excellent standard and it almost equals Iceberg in popularity as a standard rose.

Unusually for a floribunda type rose, its flowers maintain a good rose shape and it lasts relatively well as a cut flower. Readily available, Seduction can be grown as a single specimen, mass bed of roses, or ideally as a front hedge.



Pot Size: Our potted 3ft Standard roses are generally in an 8-9inch Pot

Guide: If receiving potted stock between the Start of September and mid November, we generally recommend leaving them in their pots until mid to end of November. This gives them the best chance to establish their root system within the pot, and lessens the chance of any root disturbance when transplanting into the ground.  



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Bare Rooted Rose
Bush Rose


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