Pinkie – Climbing (Potted)

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Pinkie is the perfect rose for a screen, trellis or arch. Moderate in growth, being 3m x 3m, and almost thornless it is clothed in thick, bright green foliage and constantly in flower. As its name suggests – its flowers are pink and the abundant blooms create a wonderful display.
This rose enjoys our hot, dry climate and is relatively disease resistant. Its strong growth is easy to manage and train over the supporting structures.
An excellent moderately vigorous climbing rose which will provide years of pleasure.


Pot Size: Our potted bush roses are generally in an 8inch Pot

Guide: If receiving potted stock between the Start of September and mid November, we generally recommend leaving them in their pots until mid to end of November. This gives them the best chance to establish their root system within the pot, and lessens the chance of any root disturbance when transplanting into the ground.  



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Bare Rooted Rose
Bush Rose


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