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Papa Meilland


Sold out!

This is a BARE ROOT Rose. Pre Order’s will be available for delivery in Winter 2024 from July Onwards depending on when you have ordered



Papa Meilland is a legend in the rose world due to its dark, velvety crimson colour and magnificent, strong, old rose fragrance.

Individual flowers, borne singly on straight stems are up to 12 cm wide with up to 40 petals, creating a large, full, round bloom when completely open. It has regular flushes of flowers throughout the growing season. It is reasonably disease resistant and suits warm climates.

Papa Meilland is highly recommended and deserves a place in all our gardens.



Disclaimer: The normal sized stock we send out are generally a 2nd Year Rose, or Early Budded first Year. Due to the unprecedented demand over the past two years, 2nd Year Rose’s across the industry are quite scarce, which may result in your order consisting of roses that are sometimes slightly smaller overall that what you may have been used to a few years back. Size of stock heavily relies on this Autumn’s weather to determine how big it will be. This won’t impact the health or capacity to flower that the plant has. 



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