Margaret Merril – 3ft (90cm) Standard Rose (Potted)

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Margaret Merril Rose makes an outstanding addition to the rose garden. It produces the most perfectly formed, purest white blooms which, when opened, reveal a bed of dark crimson stamens, which attract the bees.

The foliage is a very distinct dark green which is serrated at the edges making a beautiful foil for the single or clusters of perfect blooms.

The flowers last well in a vase and the fragrance is an unforgettable sweet and intense old-rose perfume. The bush is a lovely rounded shape and very low maintenance with flowers produced throughout the season in abundance.



Pot Size: Our potted 3ft Standard roses are generally in an 8-9inch Pot

Guide: If receiving potted stock between the Start of September and mid November, we generally recommend leaving them in their pots until mid to end of November. This gives them the best chance to establish their root system within the pot, and lessens the chance of any root disturbance when transplanting into the ground.  



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Bare Rooted Rose
Bush Rose


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