Iceberg – 4ft (120cm) Standard Rose (Potted)

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Iceberg is famous for its low maintenance and rapid repeat flowering, producing large and small clusters of beautifully shaped white double blooms all season long. Iceberg has healthy light green leaves and is very disease resistant.


Flowers are generally borne in clusters of up to 7 blooms per stem. Each flower contains 25 to 35 soft, delicate white petals, sometimes with a pink blush in cold weather. The bush grows up to 1.5m x 1.5m and its consistent growth and size make it perfect for use as a standard rose.



REGULAR SIZE: The normal sized stock we send out.

POTTING GRADE: The branches on these are a little smaller/thinner in size, as they have been budded later in the season. We usually keep these for potting up and they will still perform well. Have just added these in as we have had a much higher demand for icebergs than usual and have run out of our normal size ones. 




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