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Hot Cocoa – 3ft (90cm) Standard Rose


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Hot Cocoa has the most unusual range of colours from orange buds to chocolate to mauve. Early in the season, the buds can be quite orange on the outer petals however, the surprise is when the bud opens, the petals are distinctly brown and then as they age, they turn are dusky, muddy mauve .. so very pretty at all stages and when the bush is in full bloom, the colour range is amazing!

Hot Cocoa is outstandingly disease resistant with glossy, glossy foliage which adds to its eclectic beauty. The bush habit is rather upright and I would be sure that if pushed against a wall and wasn’t pruned, this bush would create quite a spectacular pillar/climbing rose. There’s no great perfume but Hot Cocoa is a highly recommended rose to plant for its unusual range of colours.




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